When we say that we’ve got history, we mean it! ?

This special Pan-Abode structure was originally built on Macquarie Island in 1977 and is currently being operated by the Australian Antarctic Division!

Recently, we were fortunate to receive some updated information and history on it from the man responsible for care of the structure and the plumbing systems in Antarctica and on Macquarie Island !

“Green Gorge Chalet is arguably the most popular hut on Macquarie Island; it lies just inland from the beach on the east coast roughly halfway down the Island. The hut is a comfortable Canadian cedar log cabin boasting accommodation for six with gas heating and cooking, RAPS (Remote Area Power Supply) which supplies 12/240 volt power and lighting plus a rain water tank.

There are two smaller huts close by one named Shangrila which houses food stocks and a smaller tool/storage shed.

Due to it’s location it is a popular stopover for expeditioners travelling to or from Hurd Point at the most southern tip of the Island and Waterfall Bay some two hours walk south. The hut’s location some have thought (or more accurately dreamed) would be ideal for a bakery but business may be slow over the winter months.

The outlook from the large windows is sensational with views over the ever changing beach population including elephant seals, giant petrels, king penguins and the surf. The hut is so close to the beach you don’t even have to go outdoors to take all the action in just sit back with a glass if wine or a beer and enjoy.”

This hut is located on the edge of the ocean and due to extreme weather conditions, it takes quite the beating and yet it is still standing strong after over 30 years!”