We could go on and on about Pan-Abode homes, but sometimes it’s best to let our customers do the talking. After all, who can speak better to the Pan-Abode experience than the people who have been living and creating memories in our homes for generations.

“Our Pan-Abode – how do you describe a building you love so much – there are no words in the dictionary that come close to it and what our Pan-Abode means to our family. … Our daughter has said her fondest memories of her childhood were the times she spent lying in bed and looking at the beautiful cedar logs of her room and even at the age she is now, she still does it. … The building has never been anything but warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have nothing but praise for the low maintenance and low cost of the upkeep of our Pan-Abode compared to our neighbors and what they got through. This will be our 33rd year of using our cottage and we are still anxious to get there and smell the cedar when we first open the door as we were when we first saw our completed Pan-Abode. We love it! We love it! We love it!”


“I love to see the look on first time visitor’s faces when you open the door and they see the beautiful logs, high ceilings and beams. Everyone likes the warm and friendly feeling of the house. In fact, when you live in a Pan-Abode you enjoy all the seasons. … The first winter here, I would keep on touching the walls and they were so warm compared to a brick home. Our hydro went off 22 hours and it took a long time to lose the heat in the house; they also stay very cool in the summer. … I could write a book about being the owner of a Pan-Abode. I would not like to live any other way and always love to come home to my house.”


“My Pan-Abode is a love story. We fell in love with Pan-Abode the first time we saw one in the Gatineau Hill in 1960. … We built it ourselves with help from our good neighbors. We paused in our construction one day to watch Neil Armstrong step into the moon’s surface. In a way the cottage was a giant leap for our family, the perfect place for family reunion, birthdays, anniversaries, regattas and picnics. … These are the ramblings of a guy who was lucky to have had the opportunity to live a ‘love story’.”


“Our experience with Pan-Abode was a great one from start to finish. The service was professional, efficient and friendly. The builder commented that the materials were of exceptional quality.”


“It was wild and civilized at the same time. I walked around the house and lost my breath; it was as simple as that. I came in the back way, walked through the door with a little sign that said Pan-Abode and found myself in the living room. I started to breathe again. The wood literally beamed, the ceiling soared, and as for the fireplace, it presided over the entire room. … There is something inherently noble about a Pan-Abode log house. It not only shelters us, it represents us.”


“Our dream was a secure hide-away. A place away from Big City Stress. An escape to peace and sanity whenever the soul and the body required it. The door was opened and we peeked into the magical space of logs, maple floors and floating beams – we were surrounded with the fresh scent of cedar. That wondrous cedar aroma continues to greet us with each visit.”


“(The family) is so attached to our Pan-Abode that we are formulating a plan whereby it will remain in our family after my wife and I can no longer be there. In fact, this Pan-Abode is a significant part of the ‘Coates’ family life.”


“Our beautiful cottage is small, but we would never trade it in. The smell of the cedar is heavenly and we can truly get away from it all – our cozy cabin in the woods”