Pan-Abodes are used for a wide range of commercial projects – especially those looking for a unique natural material with aromatic appeal and a package that is suited for remote builds and ease of maintenance. Your clients will love the eco-friendly made-in-Canada benefits too.

If you’ve been to a western Canadian or American state, provincial or federal park you may already have experienced a Pan-Abode commercial building! We are most (in)famous for the washrooms and pit toilets but Pan-Abode ranger stations, visitor centres, picnic shelters, concessions and pump houses grace our rugged natural parks too.

On the private side, Pan-Abode hotels, resorts and lodges are found around the world including Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. They work equally well as individual units throughout a property or as the showpiece main building. Activities that are a natural match include wildlife watching, fishing, kayaking, yoga, golf and wellness retreats.

We are a high quality, custom designed pre-fabricated building system using western red cedar 4×6 machine profiled logs. Contact us about your next commercial project!

Commercial Models

Pan-Abode’s 4×6 western red cedar interlocking machine milled packages can be customized for a wide-range of commercial purposes. These include: Resorts, Lodges and Rental Accommodations; Park Buildings like visitor centres, ranger stations and washrooms; Cafes and Restaurants; Multi-Unit Developments and Planned Communities; and other Custom designs and uses

Pump House – Custom Size

Smokehouse – 48 square feet / 4.5 m²

Gazebo – 161 square feet / 15 m²

Accessible Washroom – Single – 39 square feet / 3.61 m²

Bistro – 2,080 square feet / 193.23 m²

Prefab garage kits - two car garage with loft

Workshop and Loft Office – 1,480 sq ft / 137.50 m²