Pan-Abode International has been designing, engineering and manufacturing custom Western Red Cedar log homes and other buildings since 1948. Over the years, we have developed design guidelines to maximize the benefits of our unique interlocking joints and double tongue and groove machine milled log building system.

We only use Western Red Cedar sourced from sustainable British Columbia, Canada forests which is air-dried, free of heart centre (for strength and limited twisting) and with only select tight knots (for performance and appearance). There will also be natural settling of the logs of about 1/8” (3.175mm) per log (over 12-18 months depending on temperature and humidity) which we accommodate for in the design of roof lines, windows and door openings.

As wood is a natural material, there will be variations in colour and knot placement which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each structure. If you would like sample pieces of our logs, please contact us!

Many of the materials provided in our kits have different finish and colour choices such as roof, wood stove flume flashing, windows and doors, and stains for interior and exterior. We can provide colour charts and sample materials on request (contact us).

Most residential and commercial projects we do are custom. We can convert your plans into the Pan-Abode building system of interlocking logs or use our Design Guide to design a Pan-Abode from the start. We work with you to realize your and your clients’ vision!

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Photos and videos of built Pan-Abodes are available in our Project Showcase.

Request a copy of the Design Guide for Architects, Designers, & their Clients by contacting us.