Pan-Abode is committed to staying true to its legacy of enduring quality and distinction.

Our Legacy

In 1948, Danish master carpenter Aage Jensen had a dream to make it possible for anyone to build a retreat in the midst of the peace and restfulness of nature. From this core ideal, the name Pan-Abode was chosen in tribute to Pan, the Greek god of wilderness who was traditionally worshipped in natural and rustic settings. Mr. Jensen drew upon his deep knowledge of fine carpentry and the properties of wood to devise the interlocking building system and “lock joint” corners now synonymous with the Pan-Abode name.

He partnered with the brilliant engineer and businessman, Albert “Doc” Steiner to ensure the Pan-Abode dream was affordable and buildable for all families. The combined energies of these two visionaries made Pan-Abode homes a feature on nearly every lakefront throughout North America – thus playing a vital role in the evolution of Cottage Culture on this continent. Additionally, Pan-Abodes were built as summer camps, mining camps, churches, fishing lodges, hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations and banks. The partnership of Aage Jensen and “Doc” Steiner eventually expanded into a network of dealerships that provided Pan-Abode’s unique product across Canada, United States and around the world – including a research station on Antarctica.

Today, Pan-Abode International continues to be Canadian-owned and proudly upholds the original vision of our founding partners to provide every family with enduring memories of their “cabin in the woods” experience. Our production facility features computerized milling equipment, custom engineered notching machinery, and specialized finishing technology. In our design and engineering offices, we use computerized drafting and log coding software to provide accurate, detailed drawings and superb building documentation for ease of assembly.

As in 1948, our homes continue to be constructed from 100% Western Red Cedar logs – the same pristine wood species that has guaranteed comfort, quality, and dependability throughout Pan-Abode’s long history.