For when you need a bit more room for vehicles, hobbies, workshops and tools – a Pan-Abode boathouse or garage kit can get you covered beautifully and easily. Garages and Boathouses can be stand-alone buildings or designed to be attached to the main home. Like with all Pan-Abode western red cedar log buildings, the garages and boathouses can be custom designed for the size and style your family needs. Once manufactured, it all arrives as a kit to make assembly efficient and giving you a high quality building to last generations.

Here are our inspirational designs in 1, 2 or 3 car size and with or without a loft area.

Single Car Garage – 285 sq ft / 26.48 m²

2 Car garage kit

Two Car Garage – 553 sq ft / 51.37 m²

Prefab garage kits - three car.

Three Car Garage – 807 sq ft / 74.97 m²

Prefab garage kits - two car garage with loft

Two Car Garage with Loft – 974 sq ft / 90.50 m²

Prefab garage kits - two car garage with loft

Three Car Garage with Loft – 1,480 sq ft / 137.50 m²