Pan-Abode Accessory Buildings (variously known as bunkies, bunkhouses, sleep houses, garden offices, studios and sheds) are small-scale structures that don’t compromise on quality. Complement your existing Western Red Cedar Pan-Abode home or for use on their own, accessory buildings are perfect as extra bunk-space, workshops, storage or other out buildings.

Designed for permit-free construction in most jurisdictions across Canada and the United States. Depending on the skill level and size of your assembly crew, you can put a 108 sq ft Bunkie together in 2-5 days.

ALGONQUIN accessory building - Small Western Red Cedar log cottage.

Algonquin – 108 sq ft / 10.0 m²

KAWARTHA - Cozy bunkie. Western Red Cedar, modern & contemporary.

Kawartha – 108 sq ft / 10.0 m²

HALIBURTON - Small cottage with loft kit and floor plan.

Haliburton – 180 sq ft / 16.70 m²