More than just a shelter, your Pan-Abode is an extension of yourself.

Custom Design

Be an Original.

Your choices are personal and they reflect your view of the world.

You are looking for real Cedar – no synthetics or substitutes will do.

Most importantly, you are looking to re-connect with something deeper.

We have been building Pan-Abodes for people like you since 1948.

The comforting aroma of cedar will fill the air while a fire crackles and a sunset spreads across your window like a canvas hung on the thick wood grained walls. And when the storms rain down with all their fury, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are safely protected and surrounded by all that is natural.

Proven Home Packages and Customized Design

Our proven log home plans for simple low maintenance cabins and cottages, luxurious expansive country homes and compact city dwellings are just the beginning. You can choose from ranchers, lofts and two storey designs – all with a range of practical, livable floor plans that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Whether you have a portfolio of magazine clippings, hand-drawn sketches or detailed plans, our staff will provide the design, engineering and customer service expertise to bring your home together. Let the dream begin today with a free ballpark quotation.