Pan-Abode’s cedar saunas can be customized just like our homes! For inspiration, see some of our models of various sizes, layouts for seating or laying down and changing rooms. Or custom design one inside your next Pan-Abode home.

Our saunas feature our signature solid Western Red Cedar log construction, solid Western Red Cedar doors and vaulted roof overhead with Western Red Cedar ceiling decking. Enjoy the long winter nights extra cozy or detox from the summer fun – no matter when you use your cedar sauna, it’ll smell wonderful and stay toasty with the thermal mass of the solid cedar wood.

Riverton (2-Person Sauna)
7′ (L) x 5′ (W) – 35 square feet / 3.25 m²

Arborg (2-3 Person Sauna)
8′ (L) x 6′ (W) – 48 square feet / 4.46 m²

Arnes (5-6 Person Sauna)
12′ (L) x 8′ (W) – 96 square feet / 8.92 m²

Gimli (3-4 Person Sauna with Change Room)
2′ (L) x 8′ (W) – 96 square feet / 8.92 m²

Hecla (5-6 Person Sauna)
14′ (L) x 7′ (W) – 98 square feet / 9.1 m²