Can you believe it’s siding ; )

For anyone looking to obtain a seamless between your new additions and your existing Pan-Abode home, Pan-Abode’s beautiful signature Western Red Cedar siding product will provide you with the same beautiful red cedar hue and smell compared to full logs!

Additionally, you will benefit from the insect repelling properties as well as the longevity and easy maintenance of Western Red Cedar; if you choose to stain you can apply the same product as on the profiled logs to ensure for a completely seamless appearance.

As we continue to see a surge in small additions being added onto our iconic homes as families grow bigger over the years, this option is becoming increasingly popular for those smaller projects

As such, we are excited to introduce Nu Forest Products into our Pan-Abode family! Nu-Forest Products are a distributor located in Eastern Ontario who strive to establish real connections directly with the people whose homes are impacted by the quality products they carry. They are a distributor that will be able to facilitate sales through retail lumber yards for our clients located in Ontario as they will now be supplying our signature Western Red Cedar Tongue& Groove siding to our families in Ontario which means great news and lower shipping rates!

For our Ontario clients who are in need of some of our signature Tongue & Groove Western Red Cedar siding for any of your home projects, please feel free to reach out to Ken Halcro who will be your point of contact for any orders!

Ken Halcro
Nu-Forest Products (Canada) Inc.
4740 Hinan Drive, Beamsville Ontario, L0R 1B1

Please feel free to take a look at their website:

For anyone who is looking to obtain some additional siding information or for all of our clients located outside of Ontario, please feel free to continue to reach out to us at and we will be happy to continue to assist you with all of your Pan-Abode needs!