We have a special heart warming story for you today!

It is the story of a beautiful Pan-Abode that was constructed originally in 1959 in the Cultus Lake area! Over the years, as the family grew, an addition was added to the original structure in the 70’s.

The current owners have enjoyed making memories in their little Pan-Abode for the last 12 years! They were sad to see it go but thankfully they were able to see it off to a wonderful new family who are so excited to start their new chapter!

As many of you already know, and for those of you that don’t already, due to the incredible sustainability of our Western Red Cedar logs, our homes can be disassembled and relocated to a new property!! This lovely Pan-Abode embarked on this journey recently when it was disassembled to prepare for its new adventure with it’s new Pan-Abode family to enjoy for years to come.

We’ve added some photos of the disassembly steps of this little Pan-Abode’s journey for you and will keep you posted along the way!

So keep an eye out for upcoming updates and stories from new owner about her experiences with the disassembly!