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Pan-Abode Value Letter

Typically we get asked to provide a value of an older Pan-Abode for either insurance related purposes or when buying a disassembled / used Pan-Abode.

For insurance, whether you are looking to insure a new Pan-Abode cedar home that you just purchased, renew your insurance on your existing home or are dealing with making a claim with your existing insurance company, the insurer will frequently ask for an official letter from us, as the manufacturer, detailing the current market cost of replacing your existing Pan-Abode home.

For disassembled / used Pan-Abodes, whether you are contemplating buying a disassembled solid cedar Pan-Abode or selling your own Pan-Abode (lots of value still in the solid high grade western red cedar), you may want an understanding of what components are part of the typical kit and what they may cost new today. Please also ask for our Disassembly Guide with tips and tricks on how to take it apart for easier reassembly (hint: lots of labelling!).

We can help! Select the option that best reflects your needs in our drop down menu and complete your submission to begin the process!

This cost of the Pan-Abode value letter includes the following:
• Retrieval of your original home plan (detail below) and review of the plan to calculate equivalent package price for ordering today
• A high resolution PDF format of your original home plan for your permanent record
• A letter for your records describing the specific replacement cost for your Pan-Abode log home kit with materials to “lock-up”
• Please note, in addition to the cost for Pan-Abode’s building system, homeowners would also have to factor in the cost of foundation, construction, systems and finishing materials. The insurance replacement value letter will also include a rough estimate of what these construction, systems and finishings would cost.
• A letter stating the specific building details pertinent to your unique Pan-Abode home