Why a Pan-Abode?

Whether you choose to build in the forest, in the country, by the lake, overlooking the ocean, or near the city, no other home brings you closer to the heart of nature.

The difference, quite simply, is Western Red Cedar – a unique variety of wood species common only to North America’s Pacific Northwest.

Our indigenous peoples long ago recognized the sacredness of Red Cedar, which they referred to as the “Tree of Life”- as it sustained the mind, body and soul. It is the innate attributes of Western Red Cedar transformed into your Pan-Abode home that make all the difference. They combine to create a living environment that is warm and harmonious while providing dependability and endurance…

Our indigenous peoples long ago recognized the sacredness of Red Cedar, which they referred to as the “Tree of Life”

Flexible, Affordable and Innovative

We have been designing your homes and building your memories since 1948… a long history that testifies to the enduring Pan-Abode Experience.

Pan-Abode’s proven home packages and custom home design provide our customers with a building system that’s both flexible and affordable. You won’t find a home that’s easier to assemble.

The Pan-Abode Legacy

Building Original Memories Since 1948

In 1948, Danish master carpenter Aage Jensen had a dream to make it possible for anyone to build a retreat in the midst of the peace and restfulness of nature. From this core ideal, the name Pan-Abode was chosen in tribute to Pan, the Greek god of wilderness who was traditionally worshipped in natural and rustic settings. Mr. Jensen drew upon his deep knowledge of fine carpentry and the properties of wood to devise the interlocking building system and “lock joint” corners now synonymous with the Pan-Abode name.

Pan-Abode Historical-1

He partnered with the brilliant engineer and businessman, Albert “Doc” Steiner to ensure the Pan-Abode dream was affordable and buildable for all families. The combined energies of these two visionaries made Pan-Abode homes a feature on nearly every lakefront throughout North America – thus playing a vital role in the evolution of Cottage Culture on this continent. Additionally, Pan-Abodes were built as summer camps, mining camps, churches, fishing lodges, hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations and banks. The partnership of Aage Jensen and “Doc” Steiner eventually expanded into a network of dealerships that provided Pan-Abode’s unique product across Canada, United States and around the world – including a research station on Antarctica.

Today, Pan-Abode International continues to be Canadian-owned and proudly upholds the original vision of our founding partners to provide every family with enduring memories of their “cabin in the woods” experience. Our production facility features computerized milling equipment, custom engineered notching machinery, and specialized finishing technology. In our design and engineering offices, we use computerized drafting and log coding software to provide accurate, detailed drawings and superb building documentation for ease of assembly.

Pan-Abode is committed to staying true to its legacy of enduring quality and distinction.

As in 1948, our homes continue to be constructed from 100% Western Red Cedar logs – the same pristine wood species that has guaranteed comfort, quality, and dependability throughout Pan-Abode’s long history.

The Story of Western Red Cedar

There is no substitute for the durability, warmth, and natural beauty of Cedar.

Pan-Abode homes are crafted exclusively from Western Red Cedar, a remarkable species native only to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. This highly revered, durable wood not only has a distinctively pleasant aroma, it is also naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect attacks – which means anything built with Cedar will last longer and require less maintenance.

Western Red Cedar contains an abundance of natural preservatives that are toxic to many wood-rotting fungi, making it impervious to weather and pestilence. These innate characteristics make Cedar ideal for any climate, as mildew and insect infestation are easily prevented without introducing man-made preservatives.


Western Red Cedar is also one of the best thermal insulators among softwood species used today. This is because Cedar is an exceptionally light wood with very low density, containing a high proportion of air filled cell cavities that act as extremely effective insulating units. As all Pan-Abode homes are made from 100% Western Red Cedar, they are cool in the summer while significantly reducing heating costs in the winter.

Like all woods, Western Red Cedar absorbs and discharges moisture to maintain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. However, Western Red Cedar’s saturation point is much lower than most other North American softwoods. This ensures the wood does not shrink, swell, warp, twist or check excessively, even when subjected to changing temperatures or moisture.

Western Red Cedar’s coloring is uniquely attractive – ranging from tans, pinkish-browns and straw tones to rich, warm coppery hues in unfinished form. Cedar’s soft texture and close, even, straight grain make it easy to work with, providing a finish that is silky smooth to perfection. Cedar is also naturally free from pitch and resins, so it takes and holds beautifully to staining.

Pan-Abode has taken advantage of all the unique qualities of Cedar to create homes that are warm, secure, tranquil and enduring.

People who live in Pan-Abode homes consistently comment on how relaxed and peaceful they feel. It is never just their home or cottage, but a Pan-Abode – a home that is part of the family heritage, to be passed on from generation to generation.

Custom Design

Be an Original.

Your choices are personal and they reflect your view of the world.

You are looking for real Cedar – no synthetics or substitutes will do.

Most importantly, you are looking to re-connect with something deeper.

We have been building Pan-Abodes for people like you since 1948.

More than just a shelter, your Pan-Abode is an extension of yourself.

The comforting aroma of cedar will fill the air while a fire crackles and a sunset spreads across your window like a canvas hung on the thick wood grained walls. And when the storms rain down with all their fury, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are safely protected and surrounded by all that is natural.

Proven Home Packages and Customized Design

Our proven log home plans for simple low maintenance cabins and cottages, luxurious expansive country homes and compact city dwellings are just the beginning. You can choose from ranchers, lofts and two storey designs – all with a range of practical, livable floor plans that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Whether you have a portfolio of magazine clippings, hand-drawn sketches or detailed plans, our staff will provide the design, engineering and customer service expertise to bring your home together. Let the dream begin today with a free ballpark quotation.


Easy Assembly

You won’t find a home that’s easier to assemble.

Pan-Abodes are a breeze to assemble.

Choose to “do-it-yourself” or hire a local builder. Builders and owners alike love the detailed construction manual and drawings supplied with each home.

Western Red Cedar logs are amazingly light and easy to handle, and our log coding system tags each log to show the order of placement – thereby eliminating waste and confusion. Pan-Abode’s patented “lock joint” building system ensures that every one of its milled tongue and groove logs fits easily and precisely into place to create a home that is efficiently sealed and will last for a lifetime.