Why a Pan-Abode?

Whether you choose to build in the forest, in the country, by the lake, overlooking the ocean, or near the city, no other home brings you closer to the heart of nature.

The difference, quite simply, is Western Red Cedar – a unique variety of wood species common only to North America’s Pacific Northwest.

Our indigenous peoples long ago recognized the sacredness of Red Cedar, which they referred to as the “Tree of Life”- as it sustained the mind, body and soul. It is the innate attributes of Western Red Cedar transformed into your Pan-Abode home that make all the difference. They combine to create a living environment that is warm and harmonious while providing dependability and endurance…

Our indigenous peoples long ago recognized the sacredness of Red Cedar, which they referred to as the “Tree of Life”

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Flexible, Affordable and Innovative

We have been designing your homes and building your memories since 1948… a long history that testifies to the enduring Pan-Abode Experience.

Pan-Abode’s proven home packages and custom home design provide our customers with a building system that’s both flexible and affordable. You won’t find a home that’s easier to assemble.

The Pan-Abode Legacy

Building Original Memories Since 1948

Pan-Abode’s story starts out the way all great stories do…with a Dream.

In 1948, Danish master carpenter Aage Jensen had a dream to manufacture Cedar homes out of the abundance of Western Red Cedar that grew on the coasts of the Pacific Northwest. The name Pan-Abode was chosen in tribute to Pan, the Greek god of the wild who was worshipped in natural settings. It was in these fields, groves and wooded glens that everyman could build their retreat away from the pressures and demands of civilization. In the midst of nature’s healing environs, one could re-group, re-connect and start over again

With the aim of making the Pan-Abode dream affordable and buildable by all families, Mr. Jensen drew upon his knowledge of fine carpentry and his deep understanding of the properties of wood to devise the interlocking building system and “lock joint” corners now synonymous with the Pan-Abode name.

Pan-Abode Historical-1

During the same 1948 time period, Mr. Jensen teamed up with the brilliant engineer and businessman, Albert “Doc” Steiner. The combined energies of these two remarkable visionaries translated into Pan-Abode homes becoming common features on practically every lakefront throughout North America – thus playing a vital role in the evolution of Cottage Culture on this continent. Additionally, Pan-Abodes were built as summer camps, mining camps, churches, fishing lodges, hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations and banks, to name but a few of the many applications.

The partnership of Aage Jensen and “Doc” Steiner eventually expanded into a network of dealerships that provided Pan-Abode’s unique product across Canada, United States and around the world – including Antarctica.

Today, Pan-Abode International continues to be Canadian-owned and proudly upholds the legacy founded by Aage Jensen and “Doc” Steiner. Our production facility features computerized milling equipment, custom engineered notching machinery, and specialized finishing technology. In our design and engineering offices, we use computerized drafting and log coding software that allows us to provide accurate, detailed drawings and estimates along with superb building site documentation for ease of assembly.

Pan-Abode Historical - 1951

Pan-Abode is committed to staying true to the original vision of its founding partners

Pan-Abode is committed to staying true to the original vision of its founding partners to provide every family with enduring memories of their “cabin in the woods” experience. As in 1948, our homes continue to be constructed from 100% Western Red Cedar logs, the pristine wood species that has guaranteed comfort, quality and dependability throughout Pan-Abode’s long history.

The Story of Western Red Cedar

Cedar has many natural characteristics which make it ideal for building quality homes. Along with its natural beauty, Cedar is also extremely durable. It is impervious to the weather, highly stable, light, easy to handle, finishes beautifully and has a long lasting natural aroma that is both refreshing and evocative. When you think of Cedar… think of Pan-Abode.

Western Red Cedar is saturated with natural preservatives (thujaplicins and water-soluble phenolics that are toxic to a number of wood-rotting fungi) which make it highly resistant to decay, rot and pestilence. These innate characteristics also make Cedar the ideal choice for building in tropical climates where mildew and insect infestation are surmounted without having to introduce man-made preservatives into the Pan-Abode homeowner’s living environment.


Western Red Cedar is also the best thermal insulator among the softwood species commonly used today. The conduction of heat in wood is directly related to its density, and woods with the lowest density have the highest thermal insulating value. This is because low density means a high proportion of cell cavities within the wood fibre. When the wood is dry, these cell cavities are filled with air and act as an extremely effective insulating unit. Western Red Cedar’s low density and high proportion of air spaces make it one of the best known thermal insulators. These natural attributes of Western Red Cedar translate into Pan-Abode homes being cool in the summer and reducing heating costs in the winter.


Like all woods, Western Red Cedar absorbs and discharges moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. However, Western Red Cedar’s moisture content at the fibre saturation point is 18 to 23%, compared to 25 to 30% in most other Canadian softwoods. This means that Western Red Cedar’s very low coefficient of expansion ensures it does not shrink, swell, warp, twist or check excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature or moisture.

Western Red Cedar’s coloring is uniquely attractive – ranging from tans, pinkish-browns and straw tones to rich, warm coppery hues in unfinished form. Cedar’s exceptionally light, soft texture and close, even, straight grain not only make it easy to work with, but result in a finish that is silky smooth to perfection. Cedar is also naturally free from pitch and resins, which accounts for why it takes and holds beautifully to staining.

Pan-Abode has taken advantage of all the unique qualities of Cedar to create homes that are warm, secure, tranquil and enduring.

People who live in Pan-Abode homes consistently comment on how relaxed and peaceful they feel. It is never known as just their home or cottage, but as their Pan-Abode – a home that is part of the family heritage, to be passed on from generation to generation.

Forest and Stream

Custom Design

Be an Original.

Your choices are personal and they reflect your view of the world.

You are looking for real Cedar – no synthetics or substitutes will do.

Most importantly, you are looking to re-connect with something deeper.

We have been building Pan-Abodes for people like you since 1948.

More than just a shelter, your Pan-Abode is an extension of yourself.

The comforting aroma of cedar will fill the air while a fire crackles and a sunset spreads across your window like a canvas hung on the thick wood grained walls. And when the storms rain down with all their fury, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are safely protected and surrounded by all that is natural.

Proven Home Packages and Customized Design

Our proven log home plans for simple low maintenance cabins and cottages, luxurious expansive country homes and compact city dwellings are just the beginning. You can choose from ranchers, lofts and two storey designs – all with a range of practical, livable floor plans that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Whether you have a portfolio of magazine clippings, hand-drawn sketches or detailed plans, our staff will provide the design, engineering and customer service expertise to bring your home together. Let the dream begin today with a free ballpark quotation.


Easy Assembly

You won’t find a home that’s easier to assemble.

Pan-Abodes are a breeze to assemble.

Choose to “do-it-yourself” or hire a local builder. Builders and owners alike love the detailed construction manual and drawings supplied with each home.

Western Red Cedar logs are amazingly light and easy to handle, and our log coding system tags each log to show the order of placement – thereby eliminating waste and confusion. Pan-Abode’s patented “lock joint” building system ensures that every one of its milled tongue and groove logs fits easily and precisely into place to create a home that is efficiently sealed and will last for a lifetime.





Affordable, Flexible, and Innovative

Choose one of our standard floor plans – or use them as inspiration to customize a design that is unique for you.

Rancher Plans

Single-level living in one, two or multi-bedroom styles. Traditional or contemporary, Pan-Abode Ranchers can be custom designed to make your home truly yours.


Teton – 292 sq ft / 27.16 m²


Quadra – 589 sq ft / 54.68 m²


Shasta – 792 sq ft / 73.55 m²


Galiano – 931 sq ft / 86.5 m²


Gabriola – 990 sq ft / 91.95 m²


Paisley – 1,152 sq ft / 107.03 m²


Lakewood – 1,696 sq ft / 157.54 m²


Denman – 1,735 sq ft / 161.21 m²


Saturna – 2,170 sq ft / 201.61 m²

Loft & Two Storey Plans

Pan-Abode Loft and Two-Storey homes are practical, functional and offer the maximum in space utilization, allowing you to experience country living in a suburban or rural setting.


Muskoka – 733 sq ft / 68.14 m²


Shuswap – 940 sq ft / 87.36 m²


Phoenix – 1,258 sq ft / 116.87 m²


Aleutian – 1,286 sq ft / 119.47 m²


Yosemite – 1,615 sq ft / 150.07 m²


Montana – 2,243 sq ft / 208.37 m²


Vermont – 2,329 sq ft / 216.33 m²

View Complete Gallery


Frequently Asked Questions

Common Inquiries

Whether you are new to the Pan-Abode experience or a longtime owner, there are many questions you may have regarding our homes. Please review the list below for answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive:

Q: How much does a Pan-Abode cost?
A: Pricing of our packages is directly linked to the design and varies according to the number of walls, numbers/types of windows and doors, and roofing system (e.g. vaulted ceiling or truss roof). Pricing for our standard models is available upon request.
Q: What materials are supplied?
A: Just about everything you need to build your Pan-Abode right down to the fasteners is supplied with your home package. Windows, doors, subfloor, ceiling, roofing materials, exterior log walls, interior log walls, and any interior framing materials are all part of our standard home packages.
Q: Can I assemble a Pan-Abode myself?
A: Yes! Over the years, many people have built their own Pan-Abode. They have found it both fulfilling and rewarding. During some stages of construction it helps to have two people on site, but these can be family members or friends.
Q: Do you provide construction services?
A: Pan-Abode does not provide construction services; however, any responsible and reputable home builder should be able to help you with your Pan-Abode. We can also refer you to contractors and builders who have previous experience with Pan-Abode homes.
Q: Am I going to have problems with building codes?
A: We have shipped homes across Canada, the USA, and to countries all over the world. Contact your local building authority and let them know you are planning to build a Pan-Abode manufactured log home. There are rarely any restrictions that will prevent you from building the home you desire.
Q: Where does Pan-Abode ship?
A: Pan-Abode ships all over the world, right to your site.
Q: Is shipping included as part of your package price?
A: While shipping is separate from the cost of our home packages, we can assist with shipping arrangements as a customer service.
Q: How much does it cost to ship a Pan-Abode?
A: Shipping costs are based on the number of trucks or containers required to transport the package materials from our manufacturing facility in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada to our customer’s destination. We can provide an estimate for shipping depending on your location and desired home size, but a firm shipping cost requires formal plans that include a complete bill of materials for calculating total package size and weight.
Q: Can I arrange my own shipping?
A: All Pan-Abode home packages are sold FOB Richmond, BC, and we are happy to accommodate customers who wish to make their own shipping arrangements.
Q: What is the “R” value of a Pan-Abode log home?
A: Through the use of solid Western Red Cedar log construction, a standard 4 x 6 Pan-Abode achieves comparable performance to a conventionally-framed R20 structure. This is achieved through the effect of thermal mass, which is the ability of a material (our Cedar logs) to store heat. Most heat loss in a structure occurs through the roof and windows, and it is for that reason we design our homes to minimize heat loss through those areas. For colder climates such as Eastern Canada and Alaska, we recommend upgrading the roof insulation to R43, installing Low-E windows, and using thermal panel exterior doors. We can further bolster a home’s insulation by incorporating an inner-framed wall to reach any desired R-Value. By incorporating these measures, we ensure that our Pan-Abode homes can withstand even the coldest climates.
Q: Do the packages come with decks or porches?
A: Specific standard floor plans have porches included as part of the package price, whereas decks are an optional feature. If you wish to add a deck or porch to a standard plan, these can easily be provided with your home package at a reasonable cost.
Q: Can you supply garages?
A: Yes, we have standard garage packages for single, double, three-car, or four-car garages. These standard garages can come with or without an upper loft area. We can also custom design a garage to suit an existing Pan-Abode or any other structure.
Q: What electrical/heating systems can be used in a Pan-Abode?
A: In short, virtually any electrical system or heating system may be used with a Pan-Abode.
Q: Can we add on to an existing Pan-Abode?
A: Yes, we have helped many hundreds of Pan-Abode home owners with additions. Let us know what you are looking for and we can provide you with a quote for a genuine Pan-Abode addition in short order.
Q: Is it possible to disassemble then reassemble a Pan-Abode?
A: Yes it is. Please contact our Customer Service Department at info@panabode.com for disassembly instructions before proceeding.
Q: Do you have historic records or plans for older Pan-Abode homes?
A: When provided with the necessary information, we can often track down the old drawings for existing Pan-Abode homes. To do so we require either (a) the factory order number for the structure, or (b) the year of purchase and full name of the original purchaser. The cost of a plan lookup is $150, and if successful we will scan and send you a copy of the drawings via email. We can also print and send a hard copy of the blueprints for an additional $100.
Q: What sort of warranty is included with the purchase of a Pan-Abode?
A: Pan-Abode provides a full 10 year warranty on our logs and their design. Warranty on construction will come from your builder, while warranties for doors, windows, and roofing materials come from the specific manufacturers of these components.
Q: What is the replacement cost of a completed Pan-Abode?
A: Please contact our Customer Service Department at info@panabode.com with details and we can provide you with an estimated replacement cost for your existing Pan-Abode home.
Q: What types of finishes can I use with Western Red Cedar logs or log liner?
A: There are many products and techniques you can use to finish Cedar, but most people use a finish that protects and brings out the Cedar’s natural beauty. Finishes may be oil or water based. We recommend you visit Timber Pro Coatings at www.timberprocoatings.com for further information.
Q: Are your logs kiln dried to reduce moisture content?
A: Pan-Abode’s Western Red Cedar logs are air dried and naturally seasoned to reach a target moisture content of approximately 18%. While this method takes longer and is a more involved process, it is much less stressful on the wood’s fibre than forced drying in a kiln.
Q: Will Pan-Abode logs shrink?
A: Pan-Abode Western Red Cedar logs shrink considerably less and more uniformly than many other forms of logs. Once constructed, we factor in shrinkage of approximately 1/8 of an inch per log – or about 2” in total per wall over the course of a year to a year-and-a-half. This shrinkage is built into the design of our structures and will not affect the integrity of your home.
Q: How long does it take to receive a quote?
A: Generally speaking, a pricing estimate can be made available to you within 2 to 3 business days from your initial request.



What others are saying

We could go on and on about Pan-Abode homes, but sometimes it’s best to let our customers do the talking. After all, who can speak better to the Pan-Abode experience than the people who have been living and creating memories in our homes for generations.


“Our Pan-Abode – how do you describe a building you love so much – there are no words in the dictionary that come close to it and what our Pan-Abode means to our family. … Our daughter has said her fondest memories of her childhood were the times she spent lying in bed and looking at the beautiful cedar logs of her room and even at the age she is now, she still does it. … The building has never been anything but warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have nothing but praise for the low maintenance and low cost of the upkeep of our Pan-Abode compared to our neighbors and what they got through. This will be our 33rd year of using our cottage and we are still anxious to get there and smell the cedar when we first open the door as we were when we first saw our completed Pan-Abode. We love it! We love it! We love it!”



“I love to see the look on first time visitor’s faces when you open the door and they see the beautiful logs, high ceilings and beams. Everyone likes the warm and friendly feeling of the house. In fact, when you live in a Pan-Abode you enjoy all the seasons. … The first winter here, I would keep on touching the walls and they were so warm compared to a brick home. Our hydro went off 22 hours and it took a long time to lose the heat in the house; they also stay very cool in the summer. … I could write a book about being the owner of a Pan-Abode. I would not like to live any other way and always love to come home to my house.”



“My Pan-Abode is a love story. We fell in love with Pan-Abode the first time we saw one in the Gatineau Hill in 1960. … We built it ourselves with help from our good neighbors. We paused in our construction one day to watch Neil Armstrong step into the moon’s surface. In a way the cottage was a giant leap for our family, the perfect place for family reunion, birthdays, anniversaries, regattas and picnics. … These are the ramblings of a guy who was lucky to have had the opportunity to live a ‘love story’.”



“Our experience with Pan-Abode was a great one from start to finish. The service was professional, efficient and friendly. The builder commented that the materials were of exceptional quality.”



“It was wild and civilized at the same time. I walked around the house and lost my breath; it was as simple as that. I came in the back way, walked through the door with a little sign that said Pan-Abode and found myself in the living room. I started to breathe again. The wood literally beamed, the ceiling soared, and as for the fireplace, it presided over the entire room. … There is something inherently noble about a Pan-Abode log house. It not only shelters us, it represents us.”



“Our dream was a secure hide-away. A place away from Big City Stress. An escape to peace and sanity whenever the soul and the body required it. The door was opened and we peeked into the magical space of logs, maple floors and floating beams – we were surrounded with the fresh scent of cedar. That wondrous cedar aroma continues to greet us with each visit.”



“(The family) is so attached to our Pan-Abode that we are formulating a plan whereby it will remain in our family after my wife and I can no longer be there. In fact, this Pan-Abode is a significant part of the ‘Coates’ family life.”



“Our beautiful cottage is small, but we would never trade it in. The smell of the cedar is heavenly and we can truly get away from it all – our cozy cabin in the woods”




Looking for more information?

We love helping customers, and we provide several options to assist you with everything from initial ballpark quotations on new home packages to ongoing support for existing Pan-Abode owners.

You can reach us by phone, fax, or email, or you can use the form below to contact us directly with your questions.

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