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Care & Maintenance: Digital Download

Caring for your Pan-Abode can be a rich and fulfilling experience. Many of our customers integrate routine maintenance of their homes into their everyday lives. This helpful download was put together by our experts for your convenience.

Sustainability is the Pan-Abode way! So, get familiar with the eco-friendliness of your home with improved energy conservation measures, ways to restore cedar’s natural beauty and learn about how to preform renovations using our included diagrams and drawings of common Pan-Abode building systems.

There are best practices for restoring, staining, finishing, caring and maintaining your solid Western Red Cedar home and we would like to share them with you. If you make the choice to re-finish your Pan-Abode, this guide will provide you with the framework to kick-start your endeavour and have another generation enjoy the Pan-Abode experience.

Most popular questions answered. Receive a PDF file download.