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Q: Can we add on to an existing Pan-Abode?
A: Yes, we have helped many hundreds of Pan-Abode home owners with additions. Let us know what you are looking for, and we can provide you with a quote for your Pan-Abode addition in short order.
Q: How do I get started with a Pan-Abode addition?
A: Building a Pan-Abode addition often begins with a plan lookup to retrieve your home’s original plans. Once these plans are located, we can start designing your addition to tie in with the existing building without compromising the structural integrity or aesthetics of your home. Please see the “Historical Records” section of this FAQ for further details regarding plan lookups.

Assembly and Construction

Q: Can I assemble a Pan-Abode myself?
A: Yes! Over the years, many people have built their own Pan-Abode. They have found it both fulfilling and rewarding. This is particularly true for our traditional rancher models, although we recommend consulting with an experienced builder for more complex home designs such as our two-storey and loft-style models.
Q: Do you provide construction services?
A: Pan-Abode does not provide construction services; however, any responsible and reputable home builder should be able to help you with assembly of your Pan-Abode. We can also refer you to contractors and builders who have previous experience with Pan-Abode homes.
Q: Do you have builders near me?
A: Pan-Abode’s has a network of builders available for referral across Canada and around the world. If no experienced contractors are available near your project location, a recommended Pan-Abode builder can travel to your site and train a local crew to properly assemble your home.
Q: How long does it take to assemble a Pan-Abode home?
A: While all homes are different, Pan-Abodes can generally be assembled significantly quicker than conventionally-framed homes.

For our classic single-storey rancher models, four weeks or less me be all that is required for an experienced crew to reach the lock-up stage of construction. Assembly time may be longer for our two-storey and loft-style models depending upon the availability and efficiency of your construction crew and the required tradespeople.

Q: Is it possible to disassemble then reassemble a Pan-Abode?
A: Yes it is. Before proceeding, please contact Customer Service at info@panabode.com for disassembly instructions.

Building Codes

Q: Am I going to have problems with building codes?
A: We have shipped homes across Canada, the USA, and to countries all over the world. Contact your local building authority and let them know you are planning to build a Pan-Abode manufactured log home.
Q: Can Pan-Abode meet the energy efficiency requirements in my local jurisdiction?
A: Yes! In terms of energy code compliance, log homes are generally assessed under a “Performance Path” whereby energy modelling is used to calculate and optimize the annual energy consumption of an entire structure.
To achieve superior energy efficiency in every home we supply, Pan-Abode may recommend a variety of energy conservation measures such as high performance windows or more efficient mechanical systems – ensuring your Pan-Abode exceeds the comparable efficiency of a conventionally framed home built to meet minimum code standards.

Care and Maintenance

Q: What steps should be taken to care for and maintain my Pan-Abode’s log walls?
A: To maximize the life of your Western Red Cedar logs, Pan-Abode recommends applying a finishing stain to all exterior logs and log siding. In general, stain should be re-applied to exterior walls every two to eight years depending upon the product used, local climate conditions, and amount of exposure to direct sunlight.

Applying stain to your interior walls is entirely a matter of preference, as these walls are not directly exposed to the elements. Some customers choose to stain their interior log walls for added colour, while others leave the inside logs unfinished for a more natural appearance.

Q: What types of finishes can I use with Western Red Cedar?
A: There are many products and techniques you can use to finish Cedar, but most people use a finish that protects and brings out the Cedar’s natural beauty. Finishes may be oil or water based, and may be transparent, semi-transparent, or solid/opaque in colour.
Q: Can I leave my Pan-Abode log walls unfinished?
A: Unlike other wood species, Western Red Cedar performs satisfactorily if left unfinished to weather naturally. Unfinished cedar logs can be expected to turn silvery grey over time, but they should not experience any rotting unless exposed to persistent moisture that becomes pooled or trapped against the wood surface on a prolonged basis.
Q: How do I clean my Pan-Abode log walls?
A: Periodic cleaning using a mild, non-phosphate detergent solution should help clean dirt and other minor discoloration. For more stubborn stains, try a mild bleach solution (oxygen bleach is preferred). As some stains only affect the wood surface and do not penetrate further into the log, sanding and re-staining your logs may be another option to restore the appearance of your Western Red Cedar walls.

Commercial and Government Sales

Q: Does Pan-Abode work on commercial projects?
A: Yes! From large fly-in fishing lodges to simple housing for work crews, Pan-Abode has extensive experience designing and manufacturing high quality Western Red Cedar structures for any commercial application.
Q: What about government projects?
A: We have manufactured a wide range of structures for Canadian municipal, provincial, and federal government projects. We also work with local, state, and federal government departments in the United States. Contact us at commercial@panabode.com to discuss your project details and bid process whenever you are ready to get started.

Dealers and Distributors

Q: How can I find a local dealer for Pan-Abode homes?
A: To find a local Pan-Abode dealer or distributor, call us Toll-Free at 1-800-665-0660 or email at sales@panabode.com. Be sure to mention where your project is located so we can advise you of the nearest representative to speak with regarding our homes.
Q: How do I become a Pan-Abode dealer?
A: Pan-Abode is always interested in working with qualified individuals or businesses to expand our dealer network. Contact us at business@panabode.com to inquire about dealer opportunities in your local market.

Design and Planning

Q: Can your standard plans be customized?
A: Yes! All of our plans are customizable, and almost every home we manufacture is modified to suit the unique requirements of each individual family.
Q: Can you work with my plan?
A: Yes! We can incorporate your design into a Pan-Abode log home. Send us your floor plan and drawings, and we will get to work on a free estimate.
Q: How long does the design process take?
A: We work with our customers for as long as necessary to ensure their plans are absolutely perfect. Upon receipt of a design deposit (starts at $5,000 depending on expected sq. ft.), we will begin the consultation process to modify an existing plan or even design a new home from scratch. These design services are included as part of your home package price and are provided without any additional cost.

Whether it takes a week, a month, or a year – you can be assured that your Pan-Abode home will be individually tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Electrical and Heating

Q: What electrical and heating systems can be used in a Pan-Abode?
A: Virtually any electrical system or heating system may be used with a Pan-Abode.
Q: How is electrical wiring run in a Pan-Abode home?
A: Electrical wiring is generally installed during the initial assembly process by drilling holes for conduits through the logs, allowing you to customize the location of outlets, switches and lights. Additionally, most Pan-Abode models come with at least one interior frame wall to provide easy access for running electrical wiring above the roof boards.
Q: How do I install electrical wiring in a Pan-Abode home that is already assembled?
A: The solid log walls of a Pan-Abode home make it difficult to conceal electrical wiring after a home has been assembled. If a basement or crawl space is available below the main floor, you may be able to drill up from underneath to install electrical outlets in the lower logs. For overhead lighting and switches, your best option is to run exterior electrical wiring in corners or other inconspicuous locations. Western Red Cedar trim and moldings can be used to conceal the wiring after installation.

Energy Efficiency

Q: Can Pan-Abode meet the energy efficiency requirements in my local jurisdiction?
A: Yes! In terms of energy code compliance, log homes are generally assessed under a “Performance Path” whereby energy modelling is used to calculate and optimize the annual energy consumption of an entire structure.
To achieve superior energy efficiency in every home we supply, Pan-Abode may recommend a variety of energy conservation measures such as high performance windows or more efficient mechanical systems – ensuring your Pan-Abode exceeds the comparable efficiency of a conventionally framed home built to meet minimum code standards.
Download More Info: Pan-Abode is Energy Efficient!
Q: What is the “R” value of a Pan-Abode log home?
A: Pan-Abode’s solid Western Red Cedar 4″ x 6″ log construction combined with its high thermal mass and  low-e windows and doors achieves comparable performance to a conventionally framed structure with R-20 walls.

Most heat loss in a structure occurs through the roof and windows, and it is for that reason we design our homes to minimize heat loss through those areas. For colder climates such as Eastern Canada and Alaska, we recommend upgrading the roof insulation to R43 and using thermal panel exterior doors. We can further bolster a home’s insulation by incorporating an inner-framed wall to reach any desired R-Value. By incorporating these measures, we ensure that our Pan-Abode homes can withstand even the coldest climates.

Q: What is thermal mass?
A: Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy, providing stabilization against temperature fluctuations. Think of Pan-Abode’s solid cedar walls as rechargeable thermal batteries, soaking up thermal energy while your home is being heated and slowly releasing this energy back into your living area when the temperature drops.

While any solid, liquid, or gas will possess some thermal mass, Pan-Abode’s 4″ x 6″ Western Red Cedar logs uniquely combine thermal mass with a natural resistance to thermal conductivity. The result is that our logs are able to provide energy efficiency that meets or exceeds the performance of conventionally framed structures with R-20 insulated walls.

Q: How can I improve the energy efficiency of an existing Pan-Abode home?
A: The most important areas to focus on for improved energy efficiency in any home are the roof and windows. Contact a local roofing company to inquire about upgrading your roof insulation to R-40 or greater. You may also want to install low-e double or triple-glazed windows to replace any older windows that are no longer providing effective thermal performance.

In addition to the above, some historic Pan-Abode homes were built with smaller 3″ x 6″ log walls which may only be suitable for seasonal use depending upon your local climate. To bolster the energy efficiency of your 3″ x 6″ Pan-Abode home, interior or exterior framed walls containing additional insulation can be constructed to abut the home’s existing log walls. If desired, these walls can be finished with 1″ x 6″ cedar siding featuring Pan-Abode’s signature profile to provide a consistent appearance with the rest of the home.

Garage Packages

Q: Can you supply garage packages?
A: Yes, we have standard plans for single, double, or three-car garages. These standard garages can come with or without an upper loft area for additional living or storage space. We can also custom design a garage to suit an existing Pan-Abode or any other structure. As with our home packages, customization is provided free of charge so there is no limit on the size or design of your Pan-Abode garage.

Historical Records

Q: Do you have historic records or plans for older Pan-Abode homes?
A: We can often track down the old drawings for existing Pan-Abode homes. To do so we require either (a) the plan number for your home; (b) the factory order number for the structure, or (c) the year of purchase and full name of the original purchaser.

The cost of a plan lookup is $250 plus applicable taxes, and if successful we will scan and send you a copy of the drawings via email. We can also print and send a hard copy of the blueprints for an additional $100.

Q: How can I find my factory order number?
A: The factory order number will be a three, four, or five-digit number that may be found on the underside of the logs or beneath the window casings.

You may also find the factory order number on any purchase records or other documentation relating to the original sale of your Pan-Abode home.

Insurance Replacement

Q: What is the replacement cost of a completed Pan-Abode?
A: Please contact our Customer Service Department at info@panabode.com with details and we can provide you with an estimated replacement cost for your existing Pan-Abode home.
Q: How do I replace a Pan-Abode home that has been damaged or destroyed?
A: In the event that an existing Pan-Abode is damaged or destroyed, have your insurance company contact us to discuss the available options for replacing your home. The first step will be to locate your original plans and provide an accurate replacement cost for an equivalent home package in the present day. To do so, we require a design deposit (starts at $5,000 depending on expected sq. ft.) that will be credited towards the final purchase price of your home package. This allows our drafting team to get started on re-drawing your home based upon the original design, and you will be provided with blueprints, elevations, cross-sections, and a foundation plan once this process is complete.

Although your insurance claim will be based on the replacement cost to rebuild the home as it was, we can also work with you to make changes or modifications to your original plans if desired. Please note that while the design services to make these changes is included as part of your package price, responsibility for any cost difference between your insurance payout and the final package price rests with the homeowner.

Log Shrinkage

Q: Will Pan-Abode logs shrink?
A: Pan-Abode Western Red Cedar logs shrink considerably less and more uniformly than many other species of logs. Once constructed, we factor in shrinkage of approximately 1/8 of an inch per log – or about 2″ in total per wall over the course of a year to a year-and-a-half. This shrinkage is built into the design of our structures and will not affect the integrity of your Pan-Abode home.
Q: Are your logs kiln dried to reduce moisture content?
A: Pan-Abode’s Western Red Cedar logs are air dried and naturally seasoned to reach a target moisture content of approximately 18%. While air drying is a longer process, it is much less stressful on the wood’s fibre than kiln drying and results in a more uniform and stable shrinkage in our logs.

Package Contents

Q: What materials are supplied in your home packages?
A: Everything you need to build your Pan-Abode  home to lock up is supplied: Low-E windows, doors, subfloor, ceiling, roofing materials, exterior log walls, interior log walls, interior framing materials – right down to the fasteners – are all part of our standard home packages.
Q: Do the packages come with porches or decks?
A: Specific standard floor plans have porches included as part of the package price, whereas decks are always an optional feature. If you wish to add a deck or porch to a standard plan, these can easily be provided with your home package at a reasonable cost.


Q: How much does a Pan-Abode cost?
A: Pricing of our packages is directly linked to the design and size of the home, and varies according to the number of walls, numbers/types of windows and doors, and roofing system (e.g. vaulted ceiling or truss roof). Pricing for our standard models is available upon request.
Q: How long does it take to receive a quote?
A: A comprehensive Planning Package containing details and pricing can be made available to you within two to three business days from your initial request.


Q: Can I cut or remove a wall to open up space in an existing Pan-Abode home?
A: All Pan-Abode homes are carefully designed and engineered for the specific plan that has been approved by our customers at the original time of purchase. While subsequent modifications to an existing log home are certainly possible, we recommend speaking with an engineer before removing any walls to ensure the building’s structural integrity is not compromised.

Replacement Materials

Q: What replacement materials are available from Pan-Abode International?
A: Pan-Abode offers 1″ x 6″ Western Red Cedar tongue and groove log siding and 2″ x 6″ Western Red Cedar tongue and groove roof boards for customers who require replacement materials. Please contact our Customer Service Department at info@panabode.com to inquire about pricing and availability.
Q: Do you still manufacture 3″ x 6″ logs?
A: Pan-Abode discontinued our 3″ x 6″ profile in the early 1990s, and today we only manufacture logs in the 4″ x 6″ profile.
Q: Can I obtain replacement logs for my Pan-Abode home?
A: New logs manufactured by Pan-Abode International Ltd. will not fit properly with older logs due to differences in size and shape that occur naturally over time as a result of drying and seasoning. Additionally, the interlocking nature of Pan-Abode’s building system makes it difficult to replace individual logs without completely disassembling the entire structure at hand. For these reasons, Pan-Abode only offers logs as part of complete home packages and does not provide replacement logs for sale to customers on an individual basis.

Ask about our 1″ x 6″ Western Red Cedar log siding as an alternative to replacement logs, as this product features the same signature profile as our solid logs and can be used for most interior and exterior applications on a Pan-Abode home.

Shipping and Delivery

Q: Where does Pan-Abode ship?
A: Pan-Abode ships all over the world, right to your site. We ship North American destinations by truck, and all international ports of entry by container.
Q: Is shipping included as part of your package price?
A: While shipping is separate from the cost of our home packages, we can assist with shipping arrangements as a customer service.
Q: Can I arrange my own shipping?
A: All Pan-Abode home packages are sold FOB Surrey, BC, and we are happy to accommodate customers who wish to make their own shipping arrangements.
Q: How much does it cost to ship a Pan-Abode?
A: Shipping costs are based on the number of trucks or containers required to transport the package materials from our plant in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada to our customer’s destination. We can provide an estimate for shipping depending on your location and desired home size.


Q: What sort of warranty is included with the purchase of a Pan-Abode?
A: Pan-Abode provides a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects on our logs and their design. Warranty on construction will come from your builder, while warranties for doors, windows, and roofing materials come from the specific manufacturers of these components.